art glass


Having concluded my course of studies at Milan’s Liceo Artistico and the Accademia Belle Arti Brera, in 1979, I was drawn to the art of glassmaking, being particularly fascinated by the material, its colors and by all the possibilities of the play of light that it affords. Embarking on a detailed study of the subject, I was immediately struck by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, whom I consider my principal source of inspiration and the pioneering inventor of the art of glassmaking, as well as by the body of work of many artists of the 1900’s that, attracted by the potentials of working with glass, created wondrous works: Chagall, Matisse, Braque, and Leger, artists whose work testifies to the many possibilities of combining the glassmaking art with painting and design. Thus inspired, I began creating my designs in artistic glass and mosaics.

In short, my work represents an excellent example of the union of art with high artisanship.

Collaborations in Italy and abroad with major architecture firms such as A. Mendini, F. Menna, C. Salocchi, Salvati, Studio M.O.R.S.A. architects.

For years I have also been active doing restorations, bringing new life to original Liberty and Deco era pieces with classic floral and geometric motifs, as well as church windows and their related religious iconographies. The concept of stained glass restoration and conservation is a relatively modern one; formerly, fixes were often achieved by replacing the defective or damaged segments with new ones.
The rethinking of the art of decorative glass making has spawned a new culture for such works. Thus, a thorough knowledge of artistic décor and the understanding of related materials and techniques to achieve the desired results in this field remain fundamental and require a decided interaction between the restorer’s historical awareness, dexterity and sensibilities.