vetri d'arte

Courses in glass working techniques, from beginner to advanced

Basic courses are geared towards beginners looking to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of artistic glassmaking, whereas advanced courses are tailored to those who wish to expand their knowledge of various techniques. Each student is individually monitored. Course materials and tools are furnished by the school.

Introductory Course in Tiffany Glass Techniques
30 hours – tuition € 600, payable in two installments vetrate d'arte
Course Program:
- Glass classifications – introduction to materials and related tools;
- Glass cutting – copper foil bordering – soldering;
- Designing and creating small glass panels and artifacts, using the Tiffany technique.
Introductory Course in Mosaics
30 hours – tuition €600, payable in two installments mosaici moderni
Course Program:
- Classification of mosaic related materials;
- Basic cutting techniques;
- Adhesive and grouting methods;
- Designing and creating two mosaics using different materials.
Introductory Course in Glass Melting and Fusion
30 hours – tuition €600, payable in two installments corso di vetrofusione
Course Program:
- Classification of glass used for fusing; - Interaction of glass types and their expansion coefficients; - Introduction to the kiln; - Basic glass cutting; - Creating two objects in polychrome glass.
Advanced Course in Glass Melting and Fusion
Total course hours to be determined according to needs of the student lavorare il vetro
Course Program:
The course is tailored to the specific project chosen by the student and is monitored through all phases of completion. Tuition cost is based on materials used and hours needed to complete the project.